PETKUS’ innovative seed technologies economize seed production. PETKUS is an ambitious and internationally ack- nowledged provider of seed cleaning, drying, storage and coating technologies for customized system solutions. PETKUS design and engineering enable seed customers to create significant value with their investments. The Strong Seed. Healthy Grain. claim is our commitment to provide solutions and manufacture machines which secure high germination capacity and excellent vigour seeds while sorting out those that don’t meet the grade; technologies that pave the way to make full use of the genetic seed potential. PETKUS has the innovative solutions for all kind of crops and sorting challenges: Minimise good seed loss by precision sorting: The PETKUS/ROEBER optical sorter OS 900/ OS 900i was the first optical sorter on the market that offered full colour RGB, size and shape recognition, as well as NIR technology in one single platform. Several comparative tests continuously confirmed superior sorting precision, especially when it came to prob- lem cases: popped corn kernels in popcorn seeds, wild rice impurities in cultivated rice, fungal infestations such as fusarium or black hilum soybeans in non-black hilum soybeans. Especially when unexpected impurities or infestations in a seed lot occur, the OS900 has an ace up its sleeve. This is the sorting principle that distinguishes the machine from its competitors according to the “teach the good – reject the rest” methodology. The new ROEBER fine seed optical sorter with an innovative material transport system continues with the tradition of high precision sorting. It enables the cleaning of small seeds at the highest quality level where standard colour sorters currently fail. Capacity, efficiency and economy defines today’sseedprocessing.Reducingre-sortruns, minimizing loss of good seed and saving energy are crucial. Thus, PETKUS addressed the issue of the middle fraction on the gravity table by eliminating middlings (“Midlings- excluded”). The zigzag shaped ripple screen of the last third of the PETKUS gravity table Mid-ex deck separates seeds precisely into large and small. Advanced aerodynamics and an air recycling aspiration hood complete the gravity sorting and make it a system instead of a machine. PETKUS GROUP PETKUS Innovations – we supply your solutions EUROPEAN SEED I EUROPEAN-SEED.COM