Treat seed as gently as you would treat your valuable porcelain: Air is still the gentlest separating principle in seed processing. Hence, PETKUS lays special emphasis on aerodynamics. The introduction of air cushion technology into seed coating procedures redefined seed coating quality and technology. MultiCoating with the PETKUS “CM” is a new concept for multiple crops and multiple coating techniques that combines approved rotor-stator principles with simulta- neous coating and drying procedures. Shock- absorbing, wing-shaped deflectors, electro- polished stainless steel, a wide-angle spraying disc, precise dosing and air cushion between stator and seed preserve full germination capa- city. Due to the drying of seed during treating, film coatings, encrustations or pellets show a high degree of homogeneity and stability, thus improving sowing ability considerably. Seed coat and chemical agent abrasion and hence, dust formation are decreased to a minimum. Select a cleaner configuration for every individual purpose: Modern air screen cleaners still follow the traditional principles of pre-sifting, screening and main sifting. The question is, how efficient and smoothly do they run? The PETKUS cleaner portfolio offers full range solutions for different impurity issues according to the no-waste premises and for different capacities and crop/screen rotations. They differ in numbers of screen boxes, screen box vibration modes, number of screen layers and screen arrangements. Features included the scraper chain for screen cleaning, aluminium instead of wooden screen frames to tackle swelling and shrinking under different climatic conditions, sample taking points and last but not least, a steadily improved air sifter. Deciding for smart and small: Seed processing is trending towards specia- lization and digitalisation. Complex recipes in seed coating or fine-tuned settings in gravity tables need to be stored, retrievable, tra- ceable and controlled. Therefore, modern touch panels have storage features, smart service and remote control functions with USB connections for portable data extraction. The Optical Sorter “OS 900” and MultiCoater “CM” even have offline operating programs which allow for program adjustment and recipe detailing in the office. Remote control allows for proper machine functionality with direct service from a PETKUS expert. PETKUS’ new fine seed equipment is a home grown area of innovation. The MultiCoater CM 25, the OS f-class and the Gravity Table G 05 are going to set the new standards in fine seed processing. Precision, gentle hand- ling and operator-friendliness were the main influences behind the designs.