1852 PETKUS founder Christian Friedrich Röber started with manufacturing agricultural machinery. 1883 The sons Carl and Rudolf Röber took over their father’s business and focused on seed cleaning technologies. A dynamic growth rate started. 1874 New factory was taken into operation with using the river Erbstrom as power source. 1884–1900 Numerous awarding honorary degrees and gold medals for PETKUS technologies in Germany, Russia, The Netherlands, France, Italy and Switzerland. about 1910 Legendary seed cleaner “Saatgutbereiter” was designed and marketed which mainly attributed the brand name “PETKUS”. 1948–1955 Transformed into the nationally owned enterprise “VEB PETKUS Land- maschinenwerk Wutha” in East Germany. Spin-off of company ROEBER OHG in Minden / West Germany led by Albert Scholze and Paul Röber. PETKUS’ innovative products generate added value for the global seed and grain industry. Thus, PETKUS embodies the principles of Strong Seed and Healthy Grain and has a strong commitment to excellence. The en- tire product portfolio is exclusively designed and manufactured in-house and embedded into a network of know-how and precision engineering. PETKUS delivers worldwide in- tegrated solutions for turnkey grain terminals and seed plants. PETKUS is one of the strongest and biggest market players in the seed and grain business. A global player with strong ties to its roots as well as its present clients and partners, expressed in the “TIES” strategy. PETKUS ties to Technology, Innovation, Engineering and Service 165 Years servicing Strong Seed. Healthy Grain T – for Technology PETKUS designs and builds seed and grain cleaningandprocessingtechnologies.PETKUS technologies offer long-term approved but nevertheless continuously improved and re- vised machines, embedded into technological solutions. Technology is seen as a tool to maximize value for the clients. I – for Innovation The ROEBER Institut is the PETKUS R&D department and the think tank in charge of outside-the-box thinking, questioning the old and creating step-changes. A team of experts designs highly innovative products that genera- te added value for the seed and grain industry. E – for Engineering PETKUS Turnkey+ is a Service-PLUS concept for all customers who want to ensure preci- sion engineering covering all civil works and infrastructure issues, individual and custo- mized concepts and single source technology that pays back. Only experienced engineering transforms grain terminals and seed plants into perpetual motion microcosms. S – for Service PETKUS Service goes beyond classical cus- tomer service and covers customer service, spare parts supply and consulting as well as the provision of customized solutions and world- wide support before, during and after a project. PETKUSwasfounded1852inWutha-Farnroda (Thuringia / Germany). Its mission over the centuries: clean, pure, healthy and strong seed with high vigour and robustness for feeding the growing world. A vison as valid nowadays as it was then. A company’s history is a story of continuous improvement and development, a commitment to and a pioneer for technological progress. Today, the company is one of the largest seed cleaning manufacturers in the world. Over the centuries, PETKUS experienced the change in agriculture from winnowing machines for small rural cooperatives and dusty barn floors to high capacity turnkey plants with optical sorters and smart service; and furthermore contributed actively to the development of modern agriculture in terms of precision (qua- lity), capacity and profitability. A repeated Gold Medal winner for its products and the inventor of the first compact or single platform seed cleaner that combined air sifting, screening and indent sorting in one machine and producing cleaners in an assembly line manner – this made PETKUS an inherent part of the seed technology business. PETKUS GROUP EUROPEAN SEED I EUROPEAN-SEED.COM