BIOGRAPHY: Mark Scholze, CEO PETKUS Technologie GmbH (Germany), has more than 20 years of leadership and insider expe- rience in the seed and grain business. With his knack for having the right strategic vision based on a keen understanding of the industry, he led PETKUS to becoming a recognized global player in the area of seed and grain technologies. The development from a traditional mechanical engineering company to a worldleading turnkey solution provider was driven by his entrepreneurial foresight. He has helped make the company not only a leader in state-of-the-art equipment, but also one that sets new standards in high-quality seed processing. Nowadays, PETKUS brings together the global experts in seeds and grains and is a pioneer in new technology approaches. Paradigm shifts are necessary in every industry. It’s not good enough to just change what we do and how we do it. Change over the long term requires us to alter how we think about the industry we work in. Developing new seed technology is an area that increasingly requires us all to change how we perceive the present and think about what’s to come. As a result, seed quality becomes more important than ever. As the industry strives for reduced reliance on traditional chemistries, strong seed becomes crucial for field emergence and yield stability. State-of- the-art technology must be geared toward the preservation of seed qual- ity, and the reduction of seed loss and seed damage during processing. Less seed production acres are available and commercial production of seed is expensive. Yesterday’s technology won’t do it anymore, as that old technology has become synonymous with the loss of profits. Taking the industry to this new level has become my favourite part of the job. I’ve learned over the years that experience and knowledge — combined with the courage to challenge old ways and breathe life into new ones — is what sets you apart in this industry. EUROPEAN-SEED.COM I EUROPEAN SEED