Turn knowledge into skills – transfer discoveries into innovations PETKUS Academy Knowledge transfer between science and the economy is the driving force for future innova- tions and for promoting ideas with high market potential. In this context, the PETKUS Academy is the link between science, market trends and business. The PETKUS Academy is a brain trust for collecting, documenting and processing internal and external knowledge for the benefit of the seed and grain processing industry. While disseminating knowledge, screening new industries and research trends as well as archiving essential information, the PETKUS Academy is: • An idea factory. • A companion for innovative technology development. • A preserver of old and profound knowledge. • A communicator for seed and grain technologies. ROEBER Institut GmbH The ROEBER Institut was established within the PETKUS Group as a catalyst for innovative developments and subsequent product market entry.Thecompanywasnamedinhonourofthe former innovative PETKUS company founder Christian Friedrich Röber. Engineers and scientists from different tech- nical and scientific faculties are investigating new optical sorting techniques, aerodynamic elements and coating and pathogen elimination techniques. This creates a new paradigm with regard to product development in the industry. ROEBER performs independent research and development, tests of processes and products in its own offices and laboratories and ope- rates an assembly line especially suited for the production of electronic components and optical products. PETKUS GROUP EUROPEAN SEED I EUROPEAN-SEED.COM