PEKUS Fine and Vegetable Seed Technology Center PETUS operates a Fine and Vegetable Seed Technology Center in Zwaagdijk (Appelmarkt 9a, 1681 PE Zwaagdijk/Enkhuizen - NL). Seed samples and lots can be analysed and tested with regard to customized recipe development, seed quality and optimized proces- sing procedures. PETKUS has established a special Seed Coating Service Team with concentrated expertise in all questions of seed coating technologies and fine seeds. Supports clients regarding seed coating re- cipe development, coating quality assess- ment and training in coating technologies with a focus on fine seeds. He looks has several years of experience in seed coating service, research and development. Is an expert in process engineering with special qualifications in fluid mechanics and multiphase flows. She is the link between the engineering department and the Seed Technology Center. Is responsible for customized recipe de- velopment, laboratory analysis and trials, smart service and on the spot support for optimal treater adjustment. He has extendedexperienceoverseveraldecades around vegetable breeding, vegetable seeds and seed coating. Lukasz Patyk PETKUS Coating Technology Manager Dr. Yvonne Staate PETKUS Manager Chemical Processes Ko Oud PETKUS Seed Technologist