EUROPEAN-SEED.COM I EUROPEAN SEED I 43 W ith decades of work in the seed industry, Chile has become a country many growers rely on. This is evident by the numerous large seed companies who choose to do business in Chile. Chile has been a major player in seed production for more than 30 years. According to the official figures of the International Seed Federation (ISF), Chile is the leading exporter in the Southern Hemisphere and the world's fifth-largest seed exporter. It also ranks third in the country's agricultural exports. This work stems from the experience of an industry that employs more than 68,000 people and represents an interesting option for producing off-season seeds. CHILEAN SEED ASSOCIATION Among the strengths of Chile as a reliable partner for seed pro- duction is that it has a strong and well-constituted National Seed Association, ANPROS, with 58 years of presence in the market, composed of 65 members who represent 98% of the national indus- try. Members not only include Chilean companies, but the world's leading seed companies as well. This means the association has valuable and broad national and international experience. Being aware and keeping up with the constant challenges of the seed industry worldwide, a working level of cohesion between partner companies and regulatory bodies is needed to continue providing the country's standards of excellence in seed production. ISOLATION SYSTEM In addition, ANPROS has developed the Isolation System – which was updated this year – which adds to greater attributes and PROMOTED CONTENT: ANPROS CHILE: THE PLACE FOR SEEDS functionalities to maintain the reliability and quality of seeds. Keeping with current times, the Isolation System of ANPROS is an essential tool to maintain quality of species to be protected. Furthermore, ANPROS carries out constant work in spe- cialized committees, among which the most prominent are those of Biotechnology and Phytosanitary, as well as committees for seed production. The constant communication with regulatory bodies of Chile and the rest of the world result in Chilean seed production enter- ing easily in the world’s main markets. ANPROS’ priorities are focused on maintaining open com- munication in regards to the regulations governing the market in Chile and abroad, allowing Chilean seeds to be recognized for their reliability and purity. In regards to new regulations sur- rounding the adoption of new breeding techniques (NBTs), our goal is to work toward helping the industry advance and ensure Chile remains a country known for making seed quality a top priority. Since 1959, ANPROS has been the meeting place for national and foreign companies for production of seeds, and this positions us as a leading country in off-season production. The Association was founded in order to obtain greater negotiating power and promote the development of the seed industry in the country. That is who we are, and that is what we do. We are the voice of the Chilean seed industry.